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Cotter Trout

Established 1954
Catch a Rainbow!

Family Fishing Vacation at Cotter Trout Dock On The White River

Who Chooses Cotter Trout Dock For A Vacation Or A Corporate Reward?

Dockon White
                                  River-Cotter Trout Dock-Arkansasn our experience, it is people who are looking for fun,  relaxation and possibly a getaway from stress.  Along with arguably THE best trout fishing in America!

We believe that is why most of our guests are coming back year after year.  We have been here long enough now that we think of them as friends, not just customers.

We know everyone needs to be aware of costs nowadays, so we do all we can to make things affordable and still pay our guides well. 
Whether a day fishing trip or a camp trip, we work hard to make your vacation trip one that you will be remembering fondly  for a long time.

Big Spring swimming hole at
                                  Cotter TroutDock-Arkansas
Our clients ages range from 3 years old to 90 years old.  We can tailor our trips to meet your needs. We're large enough to accommodate any size group, but small enough to tailor our trips to your individual requirements.

This swimming hole (actually a spring) complete with rope swing is located directly next to our parking lot.  It is jammed packed with kids and adults alike almost all year round.  So bring the kids and your swimsuit and try out the swing.  It's like stepping back in time.

Friends On Vacation

Fishing guests atCotter
                                  Trout Dock-Arkansas

Fishing friends are a big part of our business. We have several who come two and three times a year, and have been coming for many years running. Some fish for a day, others fish for two or more days.  Some go on our camp trips and some just fish a half day.

When they call to book a trip, they usually request the same guide each time.  As long as that guide is not already requested for the day they want,  we can usually get them their favorite guide.

If the guide is already requested, we never break that request.

Family Fishing Vacation

Who would ever think about having a birthday party while fishing? It happens far more often than you might think!

Birthday party oncamptrip
                                at Cotter Trout Dock-ArkansasChildren love to camp and fish. So what better gift than to take them on an overnight fishing trip or a day trip?

On a camp trip, their cake, presents, and all the birthday treats are taken to the campground by our cooks so you can have a party when the fishing day is over.

If it is a day trip you have the free use of our pavilion right on the river for as long as you want for birthdays, family reunions, weddings, or just relaxing after the days fishing.

Parents, Grandparents and Children

Two nice brown trout-Cotter
A good family fishing vacation trip with parents, grandparents and kids will be remembered for a lifetime.

It's best if they remember the vacation as a place where they actually caught a lot of trout, not just fished for them.  That is guaranteed  at Cotter Trout Dock. 

Kids can lose interest in fishing fairly fast if they aren't catching.  Our guides (and these rivers) ensure that doesn't happen.

When you see three generations return; which we have quite a bit, you know they're having a good time!

group at
                                fishingcamp-Cotter Trout Dock-Arkansas

Groups - Large & Small

We're large enough to accommodate any size family,friends or Corporate group.

However, we always tailor our trips to your individual requirements.  We don't have any cookie-cutter rules.  Just tell us what you have in mind and we can always accommodate.  

Corporate, church, scout, associations, and many other groups have discovered that taking customers and employees fishing makes wonderful connections.

                                  camping group at Cotter Trout
                                  Dock-ArkansasWe will gladly help you arrange your lodging needs with our suggestions and by making calls, etc.

Contact Us

Ron and Debbie Gamble


P.O. Box 96

Cotter, Arkansas 72626

Local: 870-435-6525

Toll Free: 800-447-7538