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Cotter Trout Dock Sign

Established 1954
Catch a Rainbow!

Arkansas Trout Fishing At Cotter Trout Dock - Overnight Camping and Fishing Trips

White River or Buffalo River or Both Rivers On Same Trip

Two Day Camp Trips

Cotter Trout
                                Dock campground-White River-Arkansas

If you are looking for a bargain vacation and escape from the tension of everyday life, this is it.

All "camp trip groups" camp completely separate from other camp trip groups; ie, one trip is NOT combined with another trip into the same campground.  They also have separate cooks.

The example pricing directly below this paragraph is for a two day spin fishing camp trip on the White River.  See Rates Page for fly fishing rates.

For $820 per person (4 or more in party)
OR $920 per person (less than 4 in party)

you receive.....
  • aerial view 2The undivided attention and help of an experienced trout guide for two full days; two days of some of the best fishing in America. The guides camp with you in separate tents.
  • A full time cook camps with you also. The cook has all the camping gear loaded on a commissary boat separate from your fishing boat.
  • Everything for camping - tents, cots, sleeping bags, linens, campfire and a lot more is all provided. 
    All you need to bring is a bag with clothes and a toothbrush.  Toothbrush optional.
  • Four full meals - lunch and supper the first day - breakfast and lunch the second day.  These are not snacks; they are full meals comparable to any restaurant; only they are cooked along the river or in camp.
  • Two full days of some of the best trout fishing in America. Catching is guaranteed!
Sound like a bargain?  It is.

Where you camp on the White River

Camp at Cotter
                              Trout Dock island- White River-Arkansas

Cotter Trout Dock owns Smith Island; a 15 acre island in the middle of the White River in Arkansas. Smith Island is located about fourteen miles downstream  from our dock in Cotter, Arkansas.  The island is located at the confluence of the White River and Buffalo River.

The island was completely flooded a few years ago and ended up covered with many feet of fine sand.  Sand is NOT a good camping surface even though it looks great.  It ends up in everything including sleeping bags and even food.  We have therefore been camping at the gravel bar at the confluence of the White River and Crooked Creek.  This is an absolutely perfect camp area.

The tents and dining tarps and other camp essentials are set up by the guides and cooks. 

We can do camp trips  any month of the year. We have heaters or wood stoves for the tents that will keep you warm on New Years Day!

There is nothing else on the island except deer and turkeys and other assorted critters.

Your privacy and solitude are guaranteed! The campsite is for your fishing group only.

Buffalo River Camp Trips

Buffalo River camp-Cotter Trout

On Buffalo River camp trips we camp on the riverbank gravel bars.  The cook boat or boats go ahead just as on our White River trips

Our most requested Buffalo River trip is from  the Rush Landing access point to the White River; about 24 miles of Bass fishing.  However, we can put-in as far upriver as Carver. 

This scene is on a Buffalo River gravel bar where this group is spending the night after putting-in at Carver.  They are camping for two nights on the Buffalo and we will take them out at the Highway 65 access point.  A really good Buffalo River Map with river mileages is here.  This is a large PDF file and you may want to open it in a new tab (takes awhile to load).

About our camp gear........

Tents at Cotter
                              Trout Dock's island campground-White

You need bring only your fishing tackle (or we provide for free) and personal effects, including a coat for chilly nights.

Everything else is supplied: Tents, sleeping bags, cots, linens, pillows, food, drinking water, gas, lanterns, tables, nets, paddles, ice, ice chests, cushions, swivel chairs, anchor, cooking and dinner ware - even our version of the kitchen sink.

We keep all equipment in clean, tip-top shape. Our tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping cots are updated as needed.  We actually love buying new gear.

                                wall tentsOur standard tents are 14 foot by 16 foot white canvas "wall tents" from  Davis Tent Inc. in Denver.  We also have smaller 3 person wall tents from Trek Tents.  We have been using these on most trips rather than the 6 person wall tents.  Guests sleep on folding aluminum military cots in sleeping bags lined with sheets. Pillows are provided.

More Details...........

All trips are tailored to your individual requirements.

On overnight fishing trips you'll be accompanied by an advance commissary boat operated by one of our excellent cooks. This craft carries all provisions and gear, and travels ahead to the camp site. Everything is set up and meals ready when you arrive.

One commissary boat supplies up to 6 fishermen. For larger groups we provide additional boats and cooks.

Group on main campground-Cotter Trout
                              Dock-White River-Arkansas

Overnight trips can be any length you want. Depending on the length of your trip and water conditions, you might elect to float both the Buffalo National River and the White River on the same trip, stay on the the Buffalo or stay on the White.

You'll find all commonly fished lures and baits in the office prior to setting out - purchase only the ones you use. Rods and reels are available too. Any fish you wish to keep will be cleaned and iced.

You'll eat heartily at breakfast, noon and at the end of the fishing day!  Delicious camp meals prepared by skilled outdoor chefs and the invigorating air sharpens your appetite.

You'll sleep soundly on comfortable cots, awaken refreshed, have a great camp breakfast and discover a zest for living with new found energy. 

Most of our guests come back every year, year after year,  with their family group, groups of friends or corporate groups to enjoy our great Arkansas fishing vacations.

Contact Us

Ron and Debbie Gamble


P.O. Box 96

Cotter, Arkansas 72626