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Established 1954
Catch a Rainbow!

Note: We have not been updating this page at all.
For the last several years we have been encouraging our guests to post their comments on TripAdvisor.  As of right now (8-7-18) there are 107 comments on TripAdvisor.


Letters from some of our great guests......................

August 2015  - Miss Debbie--
Thanks so much for your hospitality in setting this trip up. We have fished the White River over a dozen times over the last 40 years with our families and friends, and Paden ranks among the best guides we have ever had. He was very polite and helpful, especially as we had to alter our game plan to deal with the rain and lightening. 

So we appreciated this trip more so for his willingness to adapt to the conditions. (And your lunch was great--the home grown tomatoes were a real hit.)

We will definitely be repeat customers for you. Best to you until we see you again. 

Danne Webb - Kansas City
David and Tammy Webb - Oklahoma

Great Guide
31" brown(group from Texas)
Here is the big brown caught by Jack M. on May 8, 2008. The weight was 12# 12oz and ~31 inches long. Thanks again for a great time - Mike was a great guide! You have been sent 1 picture.

boats at camp(group from Missouri) "Awesome!  The camping, the fishing and the food--all just awesome.  Ron has everything so well organized. The guys talk about the camp trip for weeks ahead of time.  It's a great employee award." 
Jerry Sumners

at island campJerry Sumners, Service Vending Company, Aurora, Missouri, brings a group of friends, family, and employees camping each spring and autumn.  Jerry asked us to provide his private cell phone number 417-461-6830 to anyone who would like to speak to him personally for a reference for fishing and camping at Cotter Trout Dock.  Thanks, Jerry!

 First Time Fishing Experience

Debbie and Ron,
What a great first time fishing experience I had last weekend!
I think I'm hooked on fishing--I found it very relaxing; the guys were so much fun and
the food was wonderful.
Again, thank you so much and take care.
Debbi S.

Hope To See You Soon

Hello Friends,
Sorry no Email. Could not get my computer started. I choked it and choked it but
it still would not start.  Pictures came out really well.  Hope you enjoy.  Tell Pretty
Boy not to catch em all.  Hope to see you soon.
Jimmy C.

(Pretty Boy is our guide Wayne, aka "the purdiest guide on the river!"  Those
pictures of Jimmy's big fish are on display at the dock now.)

We Enjoyed Bobby As Our Guide

Dear Ron and Debbie,
We enjoyed Bobby as our guide.
Thank you,
Kermit and Novlee S.

It Was Great!

Thanks for everything.  It was great!
Bill and Franklin T.

Could Not Have Asked For Any Better Service

Dear Mrs. Gamble,
Thank you very much for a most enjoyable fishing experience.  My son-in-law Gill and my Grandson Paul and I could not have asked for any better
service.  We really appreciate the friendliness and expertise of all of you.
Give your cat a pet from us.
Edward E.

Fabulous Trip

Thank you once again for a fabulous trip last weekend.  The fishing was excellent, Cheeko was a phenomenal guide and the weather held out.
I definitely look forward to another trip soon.
Have a great summer.
Gregg B.

Put Us On Fish All Day

Debbie and Ron Gamble:
  We had a excellent time on the White River from the Cotter Trout Dock again.
Even with the inclement weather, we still caught many and great fish.
As our guide, Bobby Flippin kept us out of the wind and put us on fish all day.
  Thanks for a great trip!
  Kirk D.

Caught About 100 Fish

Here are some pics of our trip from a year and a half ago.  I hope you can use some of them on your web page.  We caught about 100 fish that day, but did not take a single picture of one of them.  Please enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our trip!
  Dave S., Rob C.

One To Put Down In The Memory Book

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome trout fishing trip on Saturday.  Even with the rain, we had an awesome time.  One to put down in the memory book.  I appreciate the guides being willing to fish in the rain. 
It will probably be January before we all get together again...and maybe not even then as Landon may be getting redeployment orders soon.  Again, thanks, john
John A. F.

Exceeded Our Expectations
Debbie, Ron, & Greg
Thanks again for a wonderful day of fishing. Dia and I really enjoyed ourselves. Gregg is a wonderful guide and exceeded our expectations. He also mentioned that you may be looking to upgrade your fleet of boats and the ones you currently have may be for sale. If I may ask would you be selling these boat and motor, and what would you be asking for it or them?
Thanks again and hope to get back ASAP!
Mike B.

Can't Wait!

the Kickers_1Hi Debbie and Ron .... we are delighted to have our photos on your  Cotter Trout Dock website.  Had I known that you would be preparing slide shows with numerous photos, I would have sent along more!  I do not know if any more can be added to our slideshow at this point, but if you find that these would make good additions to the White River scenes that you are depicting, please feel free to use any or all of my photos below as you have used the others.

the Kickers_2These have been hiding in my hard drive for months, and seeing them  sure gets me yearning for springtime when we have our next trip planned to Cotter!  Can't wait!  It is so lovely there, and the men are never happier than when they are hauling in rainbows! 
Best to you ~ D. King  (King_J slideshow).

nice brown trout Good morning-

Hope all is well in Cotter!  We are great here in Muskogee, OK!  We have
managed to miss the rain all week here they were predicting, which is
good for the kids on Spring Break, but we do need some moisture.

Anyway, I have attached the pic of the brown that Bob help me land.
He's not massive but really a gorgeous fish.  Sorry I look terrible, but
I was fishing and trying to stay warm.  That's the priority!

Also, FYI, we ate at Letty's the other evening and thought it was great. The portions are huge.  Mike and his son ordered fajitas and they each only ate about half of it and took the other half home. It was really good.  THANKS for the info.


Experience We Will Never Forget

Dear Ron & Debbie:
 Jean & I just wanted to drop you a line and say again "Thanks for the best fishing trip ever!!!"  Jean & I travel all over the world with our business, and this undoubtedly is the best fishing we have experienced.  Eddie, our guide, was awesome!!  We caught so much fish, my arm was getting tired of reeling, LOL!!  The food was out-of-sight, and the experience we will never forget.  Can't wait till next year to do a repeat!!  Even thinking of bringing our little granddaughters with their parents for a fishing trip they will thoroughly enjoy!!
 Thanks again for everything!!
 See ya next year or sooner!!
 Judy & Jean T.

150 Fish In The Boat

I wanted to thank you for a great trip.  Even with the rain we had a fantastic experience.  Michael was a colorful and knowledgeable guide and kept us entertained and on fish all day.  We may not have gotten into any big boys but we had to put close to 150 fish in the boat on Saturday.
Thanks again, and we look forward to a return trip at some point in the future.

Had A Blast

Hi Debbie.
We had a blast with our trip and we wanted to send you all and Mike a couple of pictures that we took. Have fun and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Many Thanks,
Susan N.

Guides Went Above And Beyond - Camp Trip

Ken C. camp tripDebbie,
I didn't get a chance to talk to you before we left, we were in such a hurry to get cleaned up and head back to Georgia.  We all had a FANTASTIC time and are looking forward to seeing you in the spring...WHEN THE WEATHER IS COOLER. The food was great, especially Lonnie's 'trail mix' slaw!!!  All the guides went above and beyond to see that we caught plenty of fish and had a good trip.
Please give Wayne my regards and I hope he is a "new papa" by now.  Hope you and Ron have a great summer and fall.        Ken C.

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