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March 1, 2012

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About Us and This Newsletter Fishing Report

Greetings from all of us at Cotter Trout Dock on the banks of the White River in Cotter, Arkansas!

We are expanding on our Weekly Fishing Report from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to include some of the latest happenings around here at the dock and anywhere that we find interesting. 

We invite you to send suggestions on what you would like to see here!  We need the help!

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How To Tie A White River Rig

Click image to enlarge.
All the guides (that I know) on the White River use a "White River Rig", aka "Drift Rig", aka "Carolina Rig" for bait/spinfishing. 

The rig is made from a 30" to 36" piece of 4-8 pound-test line (usually #6).

1)  Using a Clinch Knot, tie a bell sinker on one end of the 30".  Usually a #10 sinker.  Usually the smaller, the better.

2)  Using a Clinch Knot, tie a hook on the other end of the 30".  Usually a #6 hook .  A  #4 hook is also used, but some think it catches more moss.

3)  About 8" from the sinker, tie a Double Overhand Knot to form a loop. 

4)  Using a Clinch Knot, tie your line from your reel to this loop.

Important:  All knots MUST be moistened (usually with saliva) BEFORE tightening or they WILL break.

Animations and Videos:
A great little animated instruction and video for the Clinch Knot used in steps 1, 2 and 4 is shown here.

Double Overhand Knot:
I have not found  an exact animation for the double overhand knot (step #3) as usually tied by most guides, (probably because it is so simple) so I will try to describe it.

At 8" from the sinker, form a loop and wrap the resulting two lines around your finger.  Pull the top of loop through the loop formed by your finger.  Do this TWICE.

At least one of our guides uses the method shown here for the double overhand knot (step #3).

Fishing Report From Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

White River
Sportsman’s White River Resort (870-453-2424) said the water is clear and three generators are running. Trout fishing is good on drifted Power Bait, worms and shad in the afternoons. Some large brown trout have been caught on Rapalas, jigs and small spinners in the evenings.
Randy Oliver at (901-832-1903)  said generation has been steady this week and the fish are hitting corn and red worms fished off the bottom drift fishing.
Guide Davy Wotton said there should be some early caddis hatches soon with the warm weather. Generation levels are generally low with a few high water spikes, which have generated some shad through the dams. Best options are at this time drift fishing combinations of caddis larva and rock worms, sow bugs, white tail and prism midges in black and red. Wade fisherman, more or less as above, for the Norfork during low water then you will have to reduce the size of the midge from 16s to 22s at times, same also for Bull Shoals dam when generation is shut down.
Jim Brentlinger at Linger’s Guide Service and Fishing Lodge(870-499-5185) said fishing is excellent. Water clarity is excellent all up and down the river. Rapalas and Zig Jigs continue to produce. Small plastic minnows in gray or white on an 1/8-oz. jig head are working. The fly-fishing bite has been excellent as well. Hot pink or bright red San Juan worms or peach and orange egg patterns fished close to the bottom under an indicator will produce.
Buffalo River
Just Fishing Guides said the river levels are 2.15 feet and 87 cfs at Ponca; 4.40 feet and 124 cfs at Pruitt; 4.97 feet and 685 cfs at Tyler Bend, and 3.87 feet and 735 cfs at Buffalo Point. Water temperatures range from 49-55 degrees.
Crooked Creek
Just Fishing Guides said the gauge at Kelly’s Slab is reading 10.99 ft and 286 cfs. Water temperatures have been averaging 50 degrees.
Bull Shoals Lake
As of Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 653.58 feet MSL (Normal conservation pool - 654 MSL).
Mike Worley’s Guide Service said walleye and bass fishing have been good. The mild weather this winter has kept the fish shallow. (We are catching them in less than 20 feet of water.) When the wind is up, Alabama-rigged 3- or 4-inch swim baits are producing a mixed bag of fish. Jigs, spoons and suspending jerk baits also are working. White bass are moving into the creeks and large coves and should start biting soon. Crappie fishing has been slow but should also pick up soon. 
Bull Shoals Tailwater
Just Fishing Guides said generation has been around the clock varying between one and six units (3000-15,000 cfs). Nymphing and streamers are two of the more productive presentations. Brown trout are on the feed now following the spawn. Reports of shad coming through during generation are true. White flies will represent the shad. Large streamers on 7- and 8-weight rods and fast-sinking lines can put you on that epic fish. Try staying with rising water while fishing to improve your odds. There also has been good action on Mepps undressed spinners in gold and silver.

Lake Norfork
As of Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 551.89 feet MSL (Normal conservation pool: Sept.-April - 552 MSL, April-Sept. - 554 MSL).
Blackburn Resort said the water level has stopped rising. Surface temperature is in the mid-40s. People are catching some nice stripers on grubs halfway back in the creeks. Crappie are also halfway back in the creeks around deep brush. Several fish have been caught on small spoons in the brush piles.
101 Grocery and Bait said crappie, walleye, bass and bluegill have been excellent on live minnows. Striper fishing has been spotty. Walleye are moving upstream to spawn and the stripers should be right behind them to do their thing.
STR Outfitters said the warm weather and water has triggered the spring walleye run. Walleye are being caught in 8 to 10 feet of water on creek chubs rigged on a no. 6 circle hook and small sinker. Most fish are being caught right at the state line up to Udall Marina.
Hummingbird Hideaway Resort had no report.
Guide Steve Olomon said the water temperature is in the mid- to upper 40s. The stripers are still scattered and down with the baitfish around 60 feet deep. Some walleye are moving up the river and in major creeks. Look for bass close to bluff ends and in pockets. White bass are stacking up in the creeks as well. Crappie are fair around brush in the creeks.
Randy Oliver at (901-832-1903) said crappie are moving up into the creeks. Fish are suspended in brush piles in 15 to 20 feet of water.  Minnows have worked well early in the morning until about 10 a.m.
Norfork Tailwater
Randy Oliver at (901-832-1903) ) said shad have been coming through the dam and the fishing has been hot.  When the river is running, use black and silver Countdown Rapalas in size 7, and black and silver Shad Raps in size 5. Dead shad and redworms are working during low water, fished about 12 inches off the bottom.
Just Fishing Guides said generation has been usually twice per day with flows from 3,500-6,000 cfs. Tan scuds have been hot lately. Small streamers without bead or cone heads are working well also. Sow bugs, midges, worm and egg patterns should be in your arsenal as well.

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